Artist of the Month, Gallery 113, Santa Barbara, March 2018

Plus many more.

Blue-Winged Teal at UCSB Lagoon

Blue-Winged Teal #1, UCSB Lagoon. 15" x 23" watercolor on Arches 300lb hot-pressed paper.
Blue-Winged Teal #1, UCSB Lagoon. 15″ x 23″ watercolor on Arches 300lb hot-pressed paper.

This time of year the lagoon in the middle of the UC Santa Barbara campus is full of waterfowl of many species. If you jog past, these Blue-Winged Teal ignore you and keep on dabbling like the one in the background, but if you stop and aim a camera at them they quickly drift away.

Mallards feeding at Lake Carneros, Santa Barbara

Mallards #1, 15″ x 23″ watercolor on Arches 300 lb. hot-pressed paper

Behind this paddling female were a whole lot of mallards of both sexes milling around with their bills down, but their eyes watching me.  I watched them back for ten minutes and they almost never took their bills out of the water.  Must have been something good to eat down there.